General Information

  • This is probably the most useful website about Middle-Earth. It contains a lot of information about the game, and has a large forum (which is no longer very active, but still contains a lot of tremendously useful information). More importantly, it also contains the old site of the Dutch Council, which contains the official rules (including errata and clarifications), complete card descriptions, details about winning tournament decks, and a whole lot more.
  • Council of Elrond is the official Middle-Earth website. The Council of Elrond is “the world-coordinating body for the Middle-earth Collectible Card Game”, and an organisation run by players. Apart from information about the Council, the site also contains the official rules, and a large and more active forum.
  • El Concilio de Rivendel is an active Spanish forum for Middle-Earth.
  • The Guild Companion lists various variants for Middle-Earth, including some variant solo rules.
  • The Middle-Earth page on Boardgamegeek offers a lot of information about the game (see particularly the files section), and has a sporadically active forum.
  • This list on Boardgamegeek contains details about some Challenger Decks and offers some guidelines for beginning with deck building.
  • The Middle-Earth: The Wizards Guide has cards lists for The Wizards, strategy tips, and a detailed FAQ section.
  • Back in the day, Trevor Stone had a Card of the Day series, in which he discussed over 400 cards and strategies.


  • Black Council of Mordor: this site offers a substantial collection of scenarios and variants for Middle-Earth, many of which can easily be played solo.
  • The Forum of the Council of Elrond also contains information about solo scenarios, many of which are taken from the various companion books that were released with each set of Middle-Earth.